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Ukelele (Left Handed Version)

A fully 3D printable Ukelele, the design has been adapted for left-handed users. Prints with no supports and minimal assembly is required! (Strings not included). The design is a hybrid of a Soprano and a Sopranino (Soprano scale length with a Sopranino body) to allow for printing on a wider array of printers. Would strongly recommend printing in high-quality filament (Prusament is recommended) along with good quality nylon strings. Depending on the filament used the box structures at the base of the neck may not remove easily, please take time to ensure that the resulting surface is flat as shown in image 5. (Detailed assembly instructions coming soon. For now please refer to the images shown). Designed by Reza.


Support Material


Additional Information


Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time NONE
Size of Print X 147.12mm, Y 148.50mm, Z 200.00mm

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