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Wippit is a secure transmission service allowing brands and designers to share their designs to users around the world, without sharing their digital files.
Yes. Our software allows you to browse the marketplace, purchase and print from the comfort of your home, using a 3D printer. To find out more about 3D printers, check out our list of recommendations here.
Simply download Wippit Print from our Apps page to get started. Browse the marketplace and purchase your favourite products. You can then connect your 3D printer in Wippit Print and begin printing your orders.
Like any new hardware purchase, you will need to follow the manual guide to set up your 3D printer. Once ready, you can start using your 3D printer with Wippit. Our software will connect to your machine with the click of a button, and one-click print with ease.
Your 3D printer should have come with a USB cable with which you connect the printer to your Windows or Mac computer. If your printer is supported by Wippit, installing Wippit Print will ensure your computer has the software and drivers you need. Connect your printer from your Wippit Print application.
Wippit allows one-print per purchase. We know that 3D printing doesn’t always go to plan so we offer a reprint option to make sure you finish with a successful print.
Once you have purchased from the marketplace, open the Wippit Print application and go to the orders page. If your order doesn’t show, click ‘refresh orders’ at the top. Otherwise please check your email for confirmation of your order before contacting us.
Make sure you have followed the printer guide to loading filament correctly. Double check you are using the correct filament at the correct diameter size. Check the PTFE tube, which guides the filament to the extruder as it may be stuck.
For version 1 we have focused on getting PLA working as it is the most commonly used material and easy to use. We shall be adding more material types as we grow.
We recommend good quality filament, such as Prusa’s filament for the best results.
If you would like to join as a Wippit Accredited designer, you can apply here. You will need to have your own original designs that are not shared anywhere on the web and do not infringe anyone else’s Intellectual Property.
This could happen for a number of reasons but usually comes down to the calibration of your machine. Make sure you have followed the guide to set up your printer. It is important the bed is level and the correct filament has been loaded. In Wippit Print, we offer a free demo print to help you get started. Please ensure that you have:
  • correctly levelled the bed.
  • removed any previous prints from the bed.
  • loaded the filament.
Check out our system requirements to see a full list of our integrated printers. If your printer is not on the list, please get in touch and let us know. As we are in our initial stage of launch, we will be adding new printers based on demand.
Before you have processed payment, you can change the contents of your shopping basket, increasing quantities or removing items. Once you have completed the payment process, please contact customer support.
Please contact our customer support and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Currently we are accepting PayPal at checkout.
As long as the print has not been completed, you can contact customer support with your reasons for the request and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
No, at the moment we do not support printing on both Wippit Box and Wippit Print. We recommend that you start printing once you have finished sharing your models to the marketplace via Wippit Box.
We recommend using a tolerance of 0.4mm for gaps in your design.
We recommend a max of 45 degree overhang angles to avoid supports.